Former police officer faced with murder at the death of Rayshard Brooks wants to regain power

Garrett Rolfe Rayshard Brooks

Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolf shot Rayshard Brooks on June 12, when a 27-year-old black man fled in Wendy’s parking lot. Atlanta Police Station

  • Former Atlanta police officer Garrett Rolf was fired the day after he fatally shot Rayshard Brooks.

  • Rolfe states that due process to protect himself has not been granted and he hopes to return.

  • He faces a felony murder and 10 other crimes in Brooks’ death.

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A former Atlanta police officer facing murder in a Rayshard Brooks shooting wants to be returned to the army, Washington post report.

Garrett Rolf Dismissed from Atlanta Police in June 2020 After he deadly shot Brooks in Wendy’s drive-through.

Two Atlanta police officers on June 12, 2020 A man sleeping in a car with a drive-through. Brooks, a 27-year-old black man and four fathers, continued the struggle when police tried to arrest him after failing an alcohol breath test.

The incident video shows Brooks grabbing one of the cops’ tasers, firing at them, and running. Rolf then fired and struck behind Brooks. He later died in the hospital.

Rolf faces a felony murder and 10 other crimes in Brooks’ death.

Rolf’s lawyer, Lance Lorusso, told the Atlanta Civil Service Commission that he should be returned “without proper investigation” the day after the shooting on June 12. USA Today report.

LoRusso said Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms called for the dismissal of Rolf, but immediately “significantly violated” his ability to have due process and time to defend his actions.

Sgt. Interior investigator William Dean said the June hearing to decide whether Rolf should be dismissed was raised in response to a scheduled press conference by Reims Bottoms, who announced his dismissal. USA Today reported.

Atlanta police chief assistant Todd Koit told the Civil Service Commission that he believed the two arrests had acted properly, the post reported Thursday.

“The police were trying to show compassion, but they weren’t overly aggressive,” Koit said. “They tried to do everything they could to calm the situation.”

The post reported that two conflicting boxes had been erased in a form approving Rolf’s dismissal. One said it was an emergency and the other said it wasn’t. LoRusso said Rolfe has the right to respond for 10 days if the situation is not urgent.

Dean said the error was simple and was caused by the rush of circumstances, adding that police and the Bureau of Professional Standards allowed immediate dismissal of police officers without notice 10 days in advance.

Dean also told the post that there might have been a problem if Rolf had returned to work after the shooting.

“We will have to protect him, and then we will have to deal with the citizens who were angry at what he was patroling,” Dean said.

He added that if Rolf returned to work, he would probably have been suspended at home.

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