Former police officer missing after conviction in protester’s dressing room

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (AP) — A former Tennessee state police officer has gone missing after being convicted of a misdemeanor for pulling face masks from protesters during the COVID-19 pandemic in August 2020. rice field.

In a Facebook post on Monday, Colombian police said Harvey Briggs, 54, was last seen in the city on Oct. 1, the day after he was sentenced to six months’ probation. He said he was driving a black 2015 Ford Fusion. He did not contest his September 15 assault charges.

Before he left, Briggs made “several concerning statements” to his family, and they had heard nothing from him, police said. I am asking you to contact anyone who has

At an August 2021 hearing in Nashville, prosecutors said: comrade’s testimony He said he saw Briggs peel the mask off protestor Andrew Golden’s face at the State Capitol.

The prosecutor played Goldens widely distributed recordings Golden’s mask is on the ground, but Briggs is not caught removing it. During the encounter, when Golden says the troopers ripped off the mask, Briggs denies doing so on camera. did.

Briggs and Golden meet as lawmakers reunite inside state capitol to pass bill threatening felony prosecution against protesters camping on state land amid ongoing calls for racial justice across the country It happened when

Another trooper, Brian Carmusch, said he and another trooper were working on a traffic stop before seeing Briggs unmask Golden.

Golden was scoring a traffic stop when Briggs, who was nearby but not involved, taunted Golden and told him not to “disturb” the scene.

The video shows an unmasked Briggs approaching Golden’s face. Golden says on camera that Briggs ripped off his mask and shows it on the ground nearby. “I’m tired of you guys making things.”

Briggs was fired and faced criminal charges after encountering protesters. He sued the state over his dismissal. That case remains active.

Briggs’ dismissal notice as a trooper also has security footage of the incident from the nearby Tennessee State Library and Archives supporting claims that Briggs took off Golden’s mask.

In a lawsuit challenging Briggs’ dismissal, his attorney reiterated claims that Briggs did not remove the mask from Golden, saying, “The video also contained footage from cameras placed on various structures in the Capitol parking lot. It’s not even in the video,” he said.

Surveillance footage of the incident provided by the Department of Homeland Security is grainy, but Briggs’ arm appears to be extended toward Golden’s face, causing Golden to stumble backwards.

briggs personnel file show In a 22-year career with the Tennessee Highway Patrol, he had been suspended for 17 days without pay for several violations prior to the mask incident.

Briggs’ attorney, Dana McClendon, declined to comment on his disappearance on Tuesday.