Former PQ leader Andre Boisclair sentenced to two years a day for sexual assault

Former Parti Québéan leader Andre Boisclair was sentenced to two years in prison a day after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting two young men.

Judge Pierre Labelle of the Quebec Court today accepted a joint judgment recommendation from Crown and Voice Claire lawyers, including two years of probation.

Labelle described Boisclair’s actions as “extremely condemned” and stated that the judgment was fair and appropriate.

On June 20, 56-year-old Boisclair pleaded guilty to one sexual assault and one sexual assault with the participation of another person.

The two assaults took place in January 2014 and November 2015 at Boisclair’s Montreal apartment, both involving men in their early twenties whom Boisclair met online.

Two victims of Boisclair, whose identities are protected by the ban, told the court on June 20 when they heard that encounters with former politicians continued to plague them.

Canadian press