Former president didn’t accidentally hide classified documents at home: columnist

former president donald trump A Washington Post columnist and deputy editor-in-chief who has covered the White House for decades had to decide to obtain top-secret files and hide them in his Florida home.

A president would not accidentally put such classified files in a box or box of papers taken out of the White House at the end of his term, Eugene Robinson told MSNBC’s Ari Melber on Friday. (they shouldn’t take all documentsbelongs to National Archives.)

Facts performed by agents 11 sets of confidential documents After a search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home on Monday, according to Warrants and property receipts used by FBI Conducting a search was “unprecedented and unthinkable,” Robinson said.

“Every president, every administration that I have ever known, seen, observed or reported has been extremely sensitive to classified and sensitive information,” Robinson said. Added.

“When you get to Top Secret, you get to Top Secret/SCI, the most classified information, but you don’t have that in the White House. You don’t have that in the Oval Office. And so on, nowhere.

“It’s handled very carefully,” he explained. “It will be seen, examined and discussed, then shoved into a secure carrier and returned to the vault where it was kept.”

Some of the classified information that is seized is top secret and is only to be kept in secure government facilities. Sources told The Washington Post in a report on Thursday that some of the classified documents were relating to nuclear weapons, Reportedly, Main reasons for emergency searches.

The warrant indicated Trump was under possible investigation Violation of espionage laws, obstruction of justice, Deletion and destruction of official documents. The documents did not provide specifics.

The Intelligence Act prohibits obtaining defense information against the United States or for purposes that may be used to further foreign interests.

Robinson said: No other administration has treated classified information in this way.

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This article originally appeared on huff post and updated.