Former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak takes part in the race as Prime Minister to replace Boris Johnson


Former UK Finance Minister Rishi Sunak has announced that he will participate in the Conservative Leadership Contest, promising to “rebuild trust” following Boris Johnson’s scandal-filled term.

Mr Snack, who resigned as prime minister on July 5, announced on Twitter that he had caused an avalanche of ministerial resignations, saying, “Let’s restore trust, rebuild the economy and reunite the country.”

In a three-minute video launching a campaign to become a Conservative leader, Snack said Britain gave the family a “better future chance.”

“I participated in politics with the desire to give everyone in this country the same opportunity and give their children a better future,” he said.

“Our country faces the most serious and major challenges for generations, and the decisions we make today determine whether the next generation of British people also have a better future chance. . “

He states: “Someone has to grab this moment and make the right decision. That’s why I’m the next leader and prime minister of the Conservative Party.”

“The toughest times”

“We ran the government’s toughest department during the toughest times,” Snack said, highlighting the experience of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) during a virus pandemic.

To keep the economy emerging during the blockade, Snacks turned on the spending faucet to protect work through a complete plan. It went against his instinct as a low-tax Suckerite conservative, but it boosted his popularity.

However, his legacy has proven to be controversial within the Conservative Party. Even before the official announcement, snacks were attacked by Johnson’s supporters, and Brexit Opportunity Minister Jacob Rees-Mogg accused him of being a “high-tax prime minister” who couldn’t control inflation. ..

Snacks argued that they would only resist the pressure from No. 10 to cut taxes and help raise prices. In his video, he said the government couldn’t afford to calm voters about the difficulties ahead by “comforting the fairy tale.”

“Do we face honesty, seriousness, and determination at this moment, or we may feel better at that moment, but tomorrow we will have a comforting fairy tale that will make our children worse. Do you want to tell yourself? “He said.

Sunak suffers from many other vulnerabilities. His reputation has been dented in recent months following disclosure that his wife, Axhata Marty, the daughter of a billionaire in India, had a non-domicile status for tax purposes. I did.

He was also involved in the “Party Gate” scandal and was fined by the Metropolitan Police Department for attending the Prime Minister’s birthday party held in violation of the COVID-19 blockade rule with Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie. it was done.

PA Media contributed to this report.

Alexander Chan