Former Radio 1 DJ, who preyed on Filipino children, was called “a very materialized fall” by the judge.

Former Radio 1 DJ was sentenced to 12 years in prison for preying on Filipino children through his online dating profile.

Mark Page, 63, a British national of Teesside Ingle BeaverwickConvicted On four allegations of abuse arranged by Teesside Crown Court on Wednesday’s Committee on Child Sexual Abuse, the judge described him as “a manifestation of the fall.”

Page visited Southeast Asian countries in 2016 and 2019 after being convicted of two abuses for using a webcam that went back to his home and talked to Filipino children in 2016. I was convicted of two more charges.

The court was held by a former Radio 1 host and a Middlesbrough FC stadium announcer. Use alias Find your Filipino beauty “Pancho” while looking for a young Filipino girl on the website.

The court also found that Page tried to negotiate a sexual encounter with a 12-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy, claiming that 3,000 Filipino pesos (about $ 57) were too expensive.

“”Crimes you have been convicted of include grotesque sexual abuse of infants for your own sexual satisfaction, “said Judge Paul Watson QC.Said.. “You have taken advantage of the poverty and deprivation of developing countries where children are routinely forced into prostitution through economic and social deprivation.”

Authorities were able to track one of the page’s victims, a waitress who was 13 at the time. This waitress currently lives in a safe place in the Philippines.

During his hearing, prosecutors heard that Page used his frequent business trips to the Philippines as a cover for his predatory agenda. Page is said to have visited Southeast Asian countries on a regular basis as “Managing Director of Military Radio Station Garrison FM”.

The three fathers seized mobile phones, tablets and laptops in 2020. Investigators reportedly confirmed his device, Skype activity, and bank transfer before billing him. Authorities allegedly found a graphic message explaining the sexual activity that the victim wanted to perform on these devices.

At a hearing, Page claimed that his account had been hacked and someone else used his cell phone in the 2016-2019 incident. However, in a former police interview, he reportedly said “no comment.”

Sergeant Kevin Carter of the pedophile online research team told reporters that he was very pleased with the ruling, and the page “did not want to take responsibility during the procedure or investigation.” Added.

“”Page tried to describe himself as a respectable and credible individual, but his actions betrayed the trust and confidence of many, especially his family and close friends, “Carter said.

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