Former Reddit CEO said that when Elon Musk took over Twitter, he was “in a world of pain” and was “forced to censor things” because it was difficult to enforce freedom of speech. ..

Tesla's head, Elon Musk, stands at the Tesla Giga Factory construction site.

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  • Former Reddit CEO Yishan Wong said Elon Musk was “in a world of pain” when he bought Twitter.

  • In a virus Twitter thread, he explained why Mask “shouldn’t waste time” on the platform.

  • Wong argued that Musk did not fully understand the challenge of forcing free speech on the Internet.

Elon Musk “is heading into a world of pain,” said Yishan Wong, a former Reddit CEO. If he buys twitterTesla’s CEO claims that he does not fully understand the challenges of content moderation and the implementation of free speech on the Internet.

“Eron isn’t going to solve some problems. I’m absolutely sure of this. He doesn’t know what he’s doing,” Wong said in Viral now. Twitter thread..

At the heart of the thread is Wong’s belief that due to the way the Internet operates today, Mask cannot really support the ideal of “old Internet” free speech. Wong argued that the modern web has grown to allow anyone to post anything at any time, and platforms as big as Twitter will eventually be forced to censor.

“Censorship is inevitable on large social network platforms. Running a platform large enough will force you to censor,” he said. “By the new dynamics of the social network itself, not by the government or even by the” users “. “

According to Wong, it is not politics that determines these dynamics, but both sides of the aisle tend to believe. Instead, he said, the idea is “powerful and dangerous” in nature, because large social media platforms have a responsibility to prevent people from getting completely out of control.

“And that’s not the reason why a particular idea is good or bad, or true or false. It’s purely related to operational issues that arise in disagreeable people on digital platforms.” Wong continued.

Regardless of the exact reason behind Wong’s free speech debate, his conclusion was that running a social media network was difficult. It’s much harder than the mask currently believes.

To explain this, Wong is Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey. Extreme lifestyle It may be the result of trauma and chronic stress associated with such a position.

“And the worst part, the part that hurt all mankind, is that this distracts him from his mission at SpaceX and Tesla, because it doesn’t just suck up his time and attention. It’s his spirit. Hurt. “He continued.

Mask’s reaction to “Threadla” was that, as he called it, Twitter was “quite late” due to its long-form tweet feature.

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