Former Republican Speaker of the House John Bener calls Republican Jim Jordan a “political terrorist.”

Washington, DC-November 19: Former Speaker of the House John Bener pledges of allegiance at a ceremony to present his honorary portrait at the US Capitol on November 19, 2019 in Washington, DC. Represents. Be Na was the 53rd Speaker of the US House of Representatives from 2011 to 2015.  (Photo courtesy of Alex Edelman / Getty Images)

Former Speaker of the House John Bener (R-Ohio) represents his pledge of allegiance at a ceremony to present a portrait in honor of him at the US Capitol on November 19, 2019. Alex Edelman / Getty Images

  • Bener described several Republicans, including Congressman Jim Jordan, as “political terrorists.”

  • “I’ve never seen a man who spent more time breaking things apart. I didn’t build anything,” he said.

  • In his book, Bener seemed relieved that he didn’t have to interact with Trump during his tenure.

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In his next CBS interview, former GOP Speaker John Bener has scolded several members of his own party for being “political terrorists,” including his Ohio colleagues and Republican Rep. Jim Jordan.

During the episode of “CBS Sunday Morning” Set to air This weekend, Bener criticized what he described as a by-product of political opportunism. Deadly January 6 Riot At the US Capitol.

Bener, who represented Ohio’s Eighth District from 1991 to 2015 and chaired the House of Representatives from 2011 to 2015, promotes his new memoirs.On the House: Washington Memoir, “Scheduled to be released on April 13th.

Jordan’s name appeared immediately when asked by reporter John Dickerson, who would fall under his definition of political terrorist.

“Especially Jim Jordan, my colleague in Ohio,” he replied. “I’ve never seen a guy who spent more time breaking things apart. He doesn’t build anything or put things together.”

First elected to Parliament in 2006, Jordan became famous for its strong defense of former President Donald Trump in a verbal tournament with Democrats on both the Oversight and Judiciary Committees. It was.

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In the same interview, Bener Followed Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz says he’s called “jerk” and is getting a lot of attention.

“The perfect symbol you know, elected, make a lot of fuss, get a lot of attention to yourself, collect a lot of money, that is, you’re going to make more noise, make more money-it really I’m sorry, “he said.

Cruz Criticized round From many who disagreed with the 2020 election results after the Parliament riots But West Virginia Moderate Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, and Faced with a call for his resignation..

When the subject turned to Trump Impeached person Bener did not describe Trump as a political terrorist because he was acquitted by the House of Representatives, but by the Senate, for “riot incitement” because of his role in the riots.

“I’m not in the office anymore,” he said. “You don’t have to answer every question you had to answer before, right? And that’s not my style, but I don’t want to use derogatory terms like talking about him or anyone else.”

Mr. Bener, who resigned a year before Mr. Trump was elected, seemed happy that he did not have to treat the former president as an elected civil servant.

“It was okay for me because I don’t know if he belonged to the Republican Party he created,” Bener said in his memoirs.

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