Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt accuses Sarah Palin of being “unwell” and says she has no business to serve the general public “as a crossing guard.”


Mark Salter (right) and Steve Schmidt (center), then senior advisers to Republican presidential candidate John McCain, asked a reporter on May 15, 2008 on Senator’s charter plane. to answer.AP Photo / Jeff Chiu

  • Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt accused Sarah Palin of being “unwell”, looking back on his experience with the 2008 campaign.

  • Mr. Schmidt said Palin, who is running for parliament, should not be in a position to serve the people.

  • Palin in 2020 called Schmidt a “work” and accused him of “obstructing” the 2008 race.

Former Republican strategist Steve Schmidt was strapped to former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin on Sunday and blew her up as a “degenerate liar.”

Palin, who was a 2008 Republican Vice Presidential candidate under the late Senator John McCain, is currently running for Congress.

On Twitter threadSchmidt, who served as McCain’s senior campaign strategist and adviser when the senator failed in the 2008 presidential election and pushed Palin as a Republican candidate, launched a series of attacks on the former governor.

“When the campaign was over, I refused to let Sarah Palin speak,” Schmidt wrote. Concession speech he moved To offer McCain on Election Night in Arizona. “I called Barack Obama for a concession and did everything I could to prevent the beautiful speech from being embarrassed by the nutballs from Alaska.”

He continued. “Palin realized that the party of personal responsibility was dead and was replaced by the cult of the victim whining the loser. She was ignorant and unprepared. She was fame. It wasn’t a frustrated morbid liar. She was a victim! “

Schmidt said McCain tried to push Palin to another ideological path, but it didn’t help.

“The last word John McCain gave to Palin on Election Night was a warning,” said a former adviser. I have written.. “He shouldn’t be drawn into a radical like Limbo,” he said. It was too late and he knew it. “

Biden Palin

Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden (left) and Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin at the beginning of the Vice Presidential Debate at the University of Washington on October 2, 2008. Stand on the stage.AP Photo / Jeff Roberson

Palin, who resigned and jumped into reality television after serving as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska from 1996 to 2002 and governor of state from 2006 to 2009, jumped into politics this year.

She Entered A crowded parliamentary race representing Alaska in the US House of Representatives after the death of Congressman Don Young for many years.

In April interview Along with the Associated Press, Palin said she would be “everything in Alaska” if she was elected to replace Young.

“I love working, and everyone around me knows,” she told the outlet. “What I’m doing is applying for a job for the Alaskan people by saying:” I won’t retreat. “

Schmidt, who left the Republican Party in strong opposition to former President Donald Trump, said he was strongly opposed to the prospect of Palin regaining public office.

“She is an absolutely degenerated liar,” he said. Tweet.. “Illness. I’m sick. I’m sick. She’s a resigner and Bahoon who hasn’t had a business that holds a position of public trust so far. She’s even as a crossing guard. Nothing.”

After the 2012 premiere of the HBO movie “Game Change,” which recorded the events of the 2008 McCain campaign and was based on a book of the same name, Schmidt portrayed by actor Woody Harrelson in the movie is Palin’s girlfriend. Political assets, claiming not ready for such a huge political role.

“Looking back at the race, I think you can see this guy with incredible talent and the ability to connect at so many levels,” he says. Said at that time.. “But some have had many flaws as those running to run for National Command, which was clearly unprepared.”

“I think the idea that Sarah Palin is the President of the United States frankly scares me, and I played that role, and I was underpinned by my ambitions for victory. So it played that role. “

Palin when he appeared in Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program in 2020 Blast Schmidt said it was a “work” and “had a lot of sabotage” in connection with the Vice Presidential candidate.

Palin’s representative did not immediately respond to the insider’s request for comment.

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