Former roommate of George Santos says deputies stole his $520 Burberry scarf and wore it to ‘Stop theft’ rally: report

George Santos walks past reporters in black glasses, blue suit and yellow tie

Newly elected Congressman George Santos (R-NY) is being chased by Capitol reportersWinn McNamee/Getty Images

  • Two roommates of Rep. George Santos suspect the congressman stole a Burberry scarf in 2020.

  • Roommates also believe Santos stole other valuable clothing items.

  • One of my roommates was convinced a year later when he saw Santos wearing a Burberry scarf.

Two former roommates of Congressman George Santos say that Congressman burberry scarf From one of them I wore it in public from a year later until 2021.”stop stealingA rally where he claimed his 2020 election was stolen from him.

new revelation become longer When Increased list of robbed accusations A new member of parliament.

live with Santos accused him of stealing other expensive itemsthey said in the patch Santos believes he stole a $520 Burberry scarf given to Molly Parker by a friend while they lived together in an apartment in Queens.

In messages sent between Molly Parker and Rabello in 2020, obtained by Patch, the two roommates gushed about items Santos allegedly stole, including an Armani shirt worth $500. The roommate referred to him as Anthony in messages, consistent with Santos’ reports. Previously used the name Anthony Devolder.

Morley Parker told Patch when he saw Santos speak at the Jan. 5, 2021 rally wearing a designer camel check scarf.

In his speech at the rally, Santos protested his loss in New York’s third constituency. 2020 Democrat Thomas Suozzilike former President Donald Trump, falsely claimed that his own election was “stolen” from him.

Call for Santos’ resignation — Including Republicans — as well as the extent of his lies, Multiple investigations into his business history launched by state and federal authorities.

However, Santos said: he continues take public office.

A Santos representative did not immediately respond to an insider’s request for comment.

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