Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev threatens to break diplomatic relations with Western nations in response to sanctions against Ukraine

Dmitry Medvedev, Vice-Chair of the Russian Security Council, will interview on January 25, 2022, in a residence in the state of Gorki, on the outskirts of Moscow, Russia.

Dmitry Medvedev, Vice-Chairman of the Russian Security Council, will be interviewed on January 25, 2022 at the Gorki State Capitol on the outskirts of Moscow.Pool via Sputnik / Julia Gillianova / Reuters

  • Dmitry Medvedev has lifted the sanctions imposed on Russia over its invasion of Ukraine.

  • “We are kicked out, punished and threatened from everywhere, but we are not afraid,” he said.

  • In retaliation for sanctions, Moscow is threatening to withdraw from the nuclear treaty.

Russian officials warned on Saturday that Moscow may react to Western sanctions imposed on the country for its invasion of Ukraine by cutting off diplomatic relations with Western countries and freezing their assets. ..

Former President and Vice-Chair of the Security Council of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev, said Russia would also withdraw from its previous nuclear weapons deal with the United States. The Associated Press reported.

Medvedev also threatened to regain the death penalty after criticizing the “really unfair” decision by the Council of Europe, an international human rights group, to suspend state membership.

According to AP, recent restrictions have detained Russia’s financial operations.

This week, President Joe Biden has made two rounds against Russia, and the administration has At first I declined Promote the launch of the country from SWIFT, the main system of global financial transactions.

European leaders are also somewhat reluctant to exclude Russia from SWIFT and are “more costly and complex” with Russia, given that many countries rely on Russia’s energy exports. You take the risk of doing business. The New York Times reported.

However, on Saturday, the United States, Canada, and its European allies agreed to block “selected” Russian banks from SWIFT. According to the White House statement..

According to AP, Medvedev on Russia’s social media platform recently ridiculed sanctions as a form of Western “political powerlessness” that was more hostile to Russia and only increased its opposition to the West.

“We are kicked out, punished and threatened from everywhere, but don’t be afraid,” he said, the West as a means of protecting himself from “a shameful decision like a timid withdrawal from Afghanistan.” He criticized the led sanctions.

Last August, USA Finished The 20-year conflict in Afghanistan was a withdrawal that suspended all of Afghanistan’s ground-based military presence.Exit critics have stated concern About the long-term stability of the country due to the lack of military presence in the United States or the Allies.

Medvedev served as president from 2008 to 2012, but Putin became prime minister of the country due to a limited term. Then, while Putin returned to the presidency, long-time officials became prime minister from 2012 to 2020.

As president, Medvedev was generally regarded as a more liberal leader than Putin, but his comments on Saturday reflect the sharpness that defined Russia’s leadership over the last few decades.

Medvedev said on Saturday that sanctions could withdraw Moscow from the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (Nuclear Weapons Reduction Agreement). signature By Medvedev and then US President Barack Obama in 2010.

The treaty “restricts countries to deploy less than 1,550 nuclear warheads and 700 missiles and bombers, and envisions thorough on-site inspections to verify compliance,” the AP reported.

The agreement, which was scheduled to expire in February 2021, was extended by the United States and Russia for another five years.

Russia’s opt-out of the treaty would be a daunting setback for global nuclear disarmament efforts.

Medvedev also downplayed the need for diplomatic relations with Western nations, arguing that “there is no particular need to maintain diplomatic relations,” and said that “we may see each other with binoculars and sights,” AP said. reported.

The former president also threatened to impose economic sanctions on the West to counter the sanctions imposed on Russia.

“We will need to respond in kind by freezing the assets of Russian foreigners and foreign companies, and perhaps by nationalizing the assets of people coming from unfriendly jurisdictions.” Medvedev said. “The most interesting thing is just starting now.”

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