Former Secretary of Defense angry at plans for the War Memorial to demolish Anzac Hall

The former Secretary of Defense has denounced approval for the $ 500 million redevelopment of the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

Former Admiral Chris Barrie has voiced opposition to the large project, fearing that it would completely undermine the state institution.

He told ABC Radio on Tuesday:

“This may be a place of entertainment, but in my opinion it’s not a place of memories where I grew up.”

Barry said the redevelopment would turn the monument into a theme park.

“I think the place of memories I once took visitors to is unique all over the world,” he said.

“No matter what words you use, it’s not right to try to turn it into a theme park or entertainment venue.”

Barry is most concerned that future generations of Australians will lose the opportunity to quietly look back on the country’s military history in the pursuit of “bigger and better” appeal.

“There are many theme parks in this country. No other theme parks are needed.”

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A woman who puts a poppy on the title of honor of World War I after the ANZAC Daydawn service at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra. About 60,000 Australians died during World War I, and more than 27,000 died in subsequent wars. (Mark Nolan / Getty Images)

Capital authorities have agreed to early work on the monument, including the dismantling of Anzac Hall.

As part of the redevelopment, at least 140 trees will be removed and eventually replaced by 250 native trees.

The NCA, which issued the 1200-page consultation report, received 601 submissions during its consultation process, of which only three were upheld.

The main concerns were the need for expansion, the removal of trees, the impact on the value of heritage, and the cost.

The monument claims that the project addresses restrictions on the existing use of the building, improves the overall experience of visitors and veterans, and maintains its importance as a national cultural institution.

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