Former Secretary of Defense Jonathan Vance’s case postponed to October


Ottawa — Former Secretary of Defense Jonathan Vance’s case of obstruction of justice has been postponed until October 15 after a short virtual court today.

The gendarmerie charged a former Canadian Army commander, represented by a lawyer, at a hearing in July on charges of obstructing justice.

The Canadian Armed Forces National Investigation Agency repeatedly contacted a woman identified as “KB” in early February by Vance and “tried to persuade a military investigator to make false statements about past relationships.” Insisted in court documents.

Major Kelly Brennan told Parliamentary Commission in April that she and Vance had an improper relationship that began in 2001 and continued after becoming Defense President in 2015.

Prosecutor Tim Radcliffe said at a hearing this morning that the prosecution against Vance would be treated as a summary, not a prosecutable crime.

Military law expert lawyer Rory Fowler said that if Vance was convicted, he would be sentenced to up to two years in prison instead of up to ten years if it was a prosecutable offense. It states that.

Global News, which first reported the allegations made by Brennan in February, also reported that Vance sent a lewd email to much younger members in 2012.

Vance declined a request for comment from the Canadian Press, but Global reported that he denied cheating. Neither claim has been proved in court.

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