Former sergeant testified that she had removed ammunition from Kim Potter’s holster gun because of concerns that she might hurt herself after shooting Dante Wright.

Former police officer Kim Potter reacts after shooting Dante Wright at a transportation stop.

Screenshots from police body camera footage showing Kim Potter reacting after shooting Dantelite at a transportation stop on April 11.Court TV, via AP, pool

  • Former Brooklyn Center police sergeant Michal Johnson testified in a manslaughter trial by Kim Potter.

  • Potter was charged with shooting Dantelite while the transportation system was stopped in April.

  • Johnson said he had taken ammunition out of Potter’s holster gun after another officer expressed concern.

Former coach Kim Potter said in court Friday that he took a gun from Potter’s holster and dropped it because of concerns that she might hurt herself after shooting Dante Wright.

Former police officer Potter price April manslaughter Shooting Of the lights at Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Potter pleaded not guilty on both charges.She said she was going to Grab her taser, Not her gun, before she deadly shoots a light on her chest.

Former Brooklyn Center police sergeant Michal Johnson, who witnessed while Potter shot Wright, testified at Potter’s trial on Friday.

Video from Johnson’s body camera played in court showed Potter Collapse After shooting the light, he said “I’m going to jail” and went to the ground. Potter stood up and walked to the fence a few feet away, repeatedly saying, “What the hell! What should I do?” And she leaned back. The video was displayed.

In the footage, Johnson approached Potter and asked the policeman to hand him a gun, and Potter replied, “Mike, let me kill me.”

“No, that’s not happening, Kim,” Johnson replied.

According to media pool reports, Potter quivered and cried before burying his head in his hands while the body camera footage was being played in court.

Johnson testified that he had taken Potter’s gun out of the holster and placed it there because of “her mental state of not knowing what she would do.”

“I knew at the time that her firearms were part of the evidence,” Johnson said in court. “So I took off her firearm and put it in the holster, and put the gun in her holster so that the evidence was preserved.”

Another officer, Colleen Fricke, told Johnson that he was afraid that Potter would hurt himself, Johnson testified. A former sergeant’s body camera footage showed Fricke asking Johnson, “Can I mute this?” Before the audio is cut in the footage.

Johnson testified that Potter was sitting behind the police car, approaching her and “carefully asking” if he could remove the firearm from the holster.

“I was able to turn away from her with a firearm and get rid of the magazine and the round in the room,” Johnson told the court.

If convicted of both charges, Potter faces up to 25 years in prison.

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