Former Socceroo says the Australian football team they deserve to be

Former soccer player Robbie Slater, who played 44 games in his own country, said the Australian soccer team (Sockeros) is sitting in a suitable location for the 2022 World Cup qualifying group in Qatar.

The team is currently in 3rd place, 3 points behind Japan and 4 points behind Saudi Arabia. Slater states that it is due to three draws against China, Saudi Arabia and Oman.

“That’s why we’re sitting in this position. Now we’re at the mercy of having to win two games,” he said. Fox sports on Wednesday.

Australia must win the remaining two qualifying games, as only the top two teams in each group will automatically qualify for the World Cup. Otherwise, you will have to play two sudden death matches against the South American side.

The remaining two qualifying games are against the top two teams in the group, Japan and Saudi Arabia, so the Australian task is very difficult.

Slater said in Australia there are expectations that he will have the sacred rights to be there as Socceroos has hosted four World Cups.

“But I’ve long said that if we didn’t really analyze our team and downplay the current team, we’re not the best team in this group, and we’re far from it. Probably the right place for us, “he said.

With the exception of Tom Rogic, Aaron Mooy and Matt Ryan, Australia no longer has star players in Europe’s top leagues. Most of the other players play at good levels throughout Europe, but not at the top level.

“Hey, we don’t have (Tim) Cahill anymore,” Slater said.

“And don’t forget the last time-out that Ange Postecoglou was in charge of. We also passed the playoffs. Remember, it was the width of the post against Syria that was knocked out to Syria in the last World Cup. I managed to draw 2-2. “

Australia then comfortably defeated Honduras in a sudden death match to compete in the 2018 World Cup.

“This time it’s not,” Slater said.

Slater said Soccer hasn’t beat Japan since 2006, but if it can be achieved on March 24, it will be at the same level as Samurai Blue with 18 points.

And Australia needs to beat Saudi Arabia. Japan’s next match will be against Vietnam and they are expected to win a convincing victory.

Fortunately, Australia’s goal difference is good. If the second place decision comes down to what he said.

“Therefore, I’m sure I can qualify if I can win both games, but it’s easy to say,” Slater said.

“They are the two people above us in the group and the two most powerful teams in the group. It seems a bit unlikely that we can achieve these two wins, but it is possible. . “

Australia will face Japan on March 24th and Saudi Arabia on March 29th.

Steve Milne