Former South Australian House of Assembly accused of extortion national opposition leader

A former South Australian (SA) Labor lawmaker and her husband were arrested on suspicion of threatening state opposition leader Peter Malinauskas.

Annabel Digans, 63, and her husband, Greg Digans, 60, appeared in the Adelaide Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday and were released on bail on June 15.

Their bail conditions include that they are not in contact with Marinauscus by any means, that they surrender their passports, and that they each submit a $ 5,000 guarantor in cash to the court.

SA Police (SAPOL) statement The couple were trying to gain personal benefit by threatening to file a claim for illegal activity by Marinauscus.

“It is important to clarify that the allegations are not related to any form of criminal activity by Mr. Marinauscus,” the statement said. “Mr. Marinauscus is a victim of extortion, and the details of the allegation are presented and tested through the process of prosecution and judiciary.”

“Mr. Marinauscus first approached SAPOL in February 2020 and has been under investigation since then, leading to today’s arrest.”

Marinauskas said she is not in a position to comment on the case because she is currently in court.

“Early last year, I witnessed an act that I thought was inappropriate and potentially illegal, so I immediately sought legal advice and then reported the issue to the South Australian Police. I did, “he said. Said..

Digans was an elder parliamentarian from 2014 to 2018 and is now an associate professor at Flinders University and an active Twitter user.

On March 28th, she posted on Twitter: “Politicians must show honesty and leadership.”

The post followed the accusations that the Labor Party used “racist” election leaflets during the 2014 campaign.

The leaflet targeted the other person, Carolyn Habib, and asked the reader, “Can you trust Habib?” Critics say it was a Smear Campaign in the name of Habib’s.

Digans blamed the party leaflets and claimed that the party was on the verge of silence.

AAP contributed to this report.