Former South Carolina Governor and Parliamentarian Sanford joins lobbying company

Columbia, South Carolina (AP) — Governor of South Carolina, Congressman, and former presidential candidate Mark Sanford will work for a lobbying company.

Shumaker Advisors announced on Tuesday that Sanford will join the company as Executive Vice President and Principal. According to the website, Shumaker Advisors, a government-affiliated division of a law firm founded in 1925, operates seven offices in Ohio, Florida, Michigan, and Carolina.

“Mark’s knowledge of policymaking at both state and federal levels is unmatched. He directs issues, processes, and politics, and our clients are fully served by his leadership. “We do,” said David Jolly, Executive Vice President of Shumaker Advisors Florida. Career.

Technically, it wasn’t immediately clear whether Sanford, the company’s adviser, would register as a lobbyist.

“I am honored to serve the citizens of South Carolina and the United States and look forward to this new chapter. I have always endeavored not only to make the government smaller, but to better understand its details. From this perspective, we look forward to joining Shumaker’s team of talented professionals. “

Sanford, 60, has been working to find a foothold since the latest iterations of his political career. After winning three terms in the US House of Representatives in the 1990s, Sanford was elected governor twice, and extramarital negotiations spoiled the end of the second term.

However, Sanford’s secret 2009 gathered in Argentina to visit his mistress while the governor’s staff told reporters that he was hiking the Appalachian Trail in the dark, but in the election. The ability to win was not over. After a brief pause and divorce, he returned to politics, won a special election to his old US House of Representatives in 2013, and even before his criticism of Donald Trump Trump led to a major loss in 2018. I held it twice.

The following year, Sanford began a short-term challenge to Trump himself, focusing on what he characterized as a “long shot” effort centered on warnings about government bonds. Some, including former Governor of Sanford, initially questioned whether the effort was serious. Suppose it may be an effort Relevance remains after the 2018 defeat.

Sanford’s home state will eventually choose Do not hold Republican presidential primary in 2020Paved the way for Trump’s nomination in South Carolina.

Sanford finally withdrew the president’s pursuit the night before a hearing aired in the US House of Representatives for Trump’s first impeachment trial.

“You must be a realist” Sanford said in November 2019 Outside the New Hampshire General Court. “What I didn’t expect was impeachment.”

According to information obtained by the Associated Press, Sanford will be based in Charleston for his new role at Shumaker.

“I think it’s a great platform to apply a 25-year” school of hard knocks “to the political world. I’m looking forward to it, “says Sanford.


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