Former Texas power grid manager says Abbott ordered him to charge to maximum during freezing

Former Texas power grid chief on Wednesday testified that Governor Greg Abbott had ordered electricity prices to remain at their highest caps during the winter storm last winter. Houston Chronicle Report..

News promotion: Bill Magnes, a former Chief Executive Officer of the Texas Electric Reliability Council, told him that former Public Utility Commission Chairman Dane Walker should do whatever it takes to prevent further power outages. Said that.

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Big picture: According to the Chronicles, electricity prices were kept up to $ 9,000 per megawatt hour during the winter storm last year, more than 150 times higher than normal prices.

Notable: Magness’s decision is now part of a bankruptcy trial filed by the electric cooperative Brazos Electric, saying that the decision to raise electricity prices was reckless and that the $ 1.9 billion electricity charges received from ERCOT were forced out of business. I am.

  • Magnes, who Dismissed last year, Previously, he argued that his actions to keep electricity prices at maximum price limits were necessary to prevent the grid from falling into a complete power outage.

  • This decision, according to Chronicles, was intended to encourage large power users, such as factories, to stay offline.

Abbott’s spokesperson did not immediately respond to requests for comment.


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