Former Tory leader Shear supports Poilievre for party leadership

Former Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, his colleague Pierre Poirievre, event At Regina on March 4th.

“When I agreed to support him [Poilievre said] “I think it would be great if I could tweet something,” Cheer said at the event.

“I said I’m going to do a little better than tweeting something. I’m going to take you to Regina, and we’re crowding to show how much support you have here. I’m going to stuff it. “

Poilievre was in Saskatchewan last week and attended many meetings, including Prime Minister Scott Moe and members of the Legislative Assembly.

Scheer said he remained neutral as a retiring leader in the last leadership race, but this time he and Poilievre will join by saying they are “on the same page.”

Poirievre has been riding in Ottawa (Carlton) since 2004, winning the most votes twice in the state’s constituencies, showing that Share is able to beat Ontario. ..

During the last federal government selection In September, the liberals won 78 seats and 64.5% of the votes in Ontario, while the conservatives had 37 seats and 30.6%.

“My favorite thing about Pierre is to say the same thing he says privately. He says the same thing he says in Eastern Canada and in Western Canada,” from 2017. Shear, who led his party until 2019, said.

“Andrew Scheer is a great Canadian politician.” Said Poilievre on Twitter after receiving the support of Scheer.

“I am honored to welcome him to my team and regain the life of a Canadian.”

Poilievre resigned from his role as a financial critic in February due to a leadership bid. In the former position, he was known for his direct style of criticizing the government on topics such as inflation and spending from the front bench of the House of Commons.

Since then, over 30 MPs have thrown their support behind Poilievre announcement His leadership bid on February 5th. Report The National Post, and he is also backed by former Cabinet Minister John Baird, who co-chairs his national campaign.

Other potential candidates for Tory leadership include political critic Tasha Keiridin. Said Last month she was considering running.Also, former Premier of Quebec Jean Charest support Conservatives like Gerard Deltel, a former member of the House of Representatives under Erin O’Toole

Share has not officially announced that he will run, but his potential bids have received steady media coverage.

Candidates must participate in the Leadership Race by April 19th and will be required to refund the $ 200,000 entry fee and $ 100,000 Compliance Deposit after the race.

Party members will vote in late July and early August, with results expected to be announced on September 10.

Noe Chartier


NoƩ Charter is a Montreal-based Epoch Times reporter.