Former Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin intervened to prevent Ivanka Trump from being appointed to the World Bank: Report

Munyu Shin Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump, daughter and adviser to President Donald Trump, and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will listen to the event on April 17, 2018 in Derry, New Hampshire. Associated Press Photo / Elise Amendra

  • Steven Mnuchin intervened to prevent Ivanka Trump from controlling the World Bank. According to intercept..

  • One source told the press that the pick was “incredibly likely to happen.”

  • Former President Donald Trump has firmly supported his daughter’s promotion to the highest role.

Former President Donald Trump tried to appoint his daughter Ivanka Trump to lead the World Bank in 2019, but then Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin intervened to block the appointment, According to intercept..

Jim Yong Kim, a doctor and anthropologist who has led the World Bank since January 2019 and 2012, Presentation He resigned from his role the following month, causing enthusiasm to fill his coveted position.

Kim’s surprising departure gave then-President Donald Trump the ability to reshape the World Bank’s leadership, as international financial organizations have traditionally been led by American citizens.

When the White House created a list of potential successors, Ivanka Trump emerged as a favorite of the then president. Told the Atlantic She would have been a great choice because “she is very good at numbers”.

But in April 2019, Ivanka Trump Told the Associated Press She said she was “satisfied with her job” as a senior adviser to the president and shared the opportunity to lead the World Bank.

Ivanka Trump didn’t take on that role, but she helped Mnuchin and then White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney choose Kim’s ultimate successor, David Malpas. ..

However, the debate over the possibility of Ivanka Trump at the top of the World Bank did not come from a rumored factory in Washington, DC, according to two sources spoken to Intercept.

President Trump at the time wanted his daughter to take on that role, so Mnuchin had to intervene to thwart that choice.

“It was incredibly likely to happen,” a source told The Intercept.

When contacted by The Intercept, Mnuchin and Ivanka Trump representatives declined to comment. There was no response from the press to the World Bank or the Trump Organization.

NS World BankFounded in 1944, it “provides technical and financial support to help countries reform specific sectors and carry out specific projects” in areas such as education and medical care. By doing so, we are trying to promote economic development and poverty reduction.

Prior to working at the White House, Ivanka Trump was Executive Vice President of Development and Acquisition of The Trump Organization. She also had her own fashion line, including items such as clothes, shoes and accessories.

After her father took office, Ivanka Trump, with the support of the World Bank, helped launch a women entrepreneurial finance initiative created to raise funds for women entrepreneurs in developing countries. bottom.

January 2019, then White House Press Secretary Jessica Ditt It pointed out Ivanka Trump is working with an initiative to justify the possibility of the eldest daughter at the time being promoted to the World Bank.

“She has worked closely with the World Bank leadership for the past two years,” he said at the time.

However, she still lacked the deep financial experience that her former leaders brought to her role.

“This is a very thin foundation for establishing the credibility of this multilateral institution,” Scott Morriss, director of the Center for Global Development’s US Development Policy Program, told Intercept. “It’s hard to imagine she was considered a credible leader. That would be the worst kind of exercise of US power.”

He added: “I have to think that as a candidate she would have encountered some resistance, but maybe. [the bank’s members] You didn’t want to provoke the US president. “

Morris told Intercept that the imminent appointment could raise concerns about the United States’ continued role in unilaterally appointing World Bank leaders.

“More and more countries don’t like the whole deal,” he said. “To hear how close they are to being the daughter of the President of the United States, perhaps Americans add fuel to the fire so capriciously about this.”

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