Former Trump adviser Paul Manafort says he remembered “a movie about the Holocaust” when he saw the prisoners being transferred.

Paul Manafort

Paul Manafort.AP Photo / Andrew Harnik, File

  • Paul Manafort says he remembered “a movie about the Holocaust” when he saw the prisoners being transferred.

  • Former Trump adviser has been convicted of numerous federal crimes resulting from Mueller’s investigation.

  • He also revealed that he had informally advised people close to the 2020 campaign, hoping for forgiveness.

Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort said he was reminded of a “movie about the Holocaust” when he saw the prisoners being transferred. According to a copy of his next memoir obtained by the Guardian.

Manafort was convicted when special counsel Robert Mueller investigated multiple federal criminal offenses resulting from lobbying and consulting abroad.

Virginia jury convicts Manafort Eight federal counts for tax evasion, bank fraud, and failure to report foreign bank accounts In another case, Manafort pleaded guilty to one count of plots that interfered with the judiciary and one count of plots against the United States. I was sentenced to a total of seven and a half years In prison in 2019.

Manafort, According to the Guardian,Recount His experience with the federal prison system In this book, at an airfield “somewhere in Ohio,” “Prisoners … flocked in long lines and then split into other buses … to transport planes … a movie about the Holocaust. I remembered. “

Manafort’s memoir, “Political Prisoners: Persecuted and Prosecuted, Not Silenced,” will be released on August 16. In the book, he portrayed himself as a victim of Mueller’s investigation and the judicial system.

Manafort also revealed in the book that he had informally advised people near the Trump campaign. After he was released from prison for the rest of his sentence under house arrest In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic in May 2020. However, Manafort, according to an excerpt, did not want to be a scapegoat because Trump lost, jeopardizing the possibility of receiving a presidential amnesty.

“I didn’t want anything to prevent the re-election of the president and, importantly, the possibility of amnesty,” Manafort said, according to The Guardian.

Manafort said he had no communication with Trump World while in prison, “I didn’t want anything, especially if it could be abused by MSM.”

“But when the reelection campaign began, I was informally interacting with my very involved friends,” Manafort wrote in The Guardian. “I wasn’t there and killed me, but I was indirectly advising from the condo.”

It’s unclear what Manafort’s informal advice was or what friend he was talking to about Trump’s campaign after Manafort left prison and moved to an apartment in northern Virginia.

“I hadn’t promised a pardon yet, but I had expectations,” Manafort wrote. “There was my fear that he might blame me if I interfered with the campaign and Trump lost, and I prevented it from happening.”

Manafort Received presidential amnesty from Trump in December 2020He writes that he frequently learned news from judges on the Miss Universe pageant, “Ron, a very good doctor friend close to Donald and Melania.”

According to the Guardian, “it seemed like the switch was pressed,” he learned that he was forgiven and wrote to his wife, “I hugged and cried. I was free.”

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