Former Trump lawyer John Eastman, who helped formulate a plan to overturn the 2020 elections, withdrew a proceeding to block phone records from the Commission on January 6.

and Filing late TuesdayJohn Eastman dropped The proceedings he filed To prevent the January 6th Commission from accessing his phone records.

“The plaintiff has filed this proceeding primarily to protect the content of his communications, many of which are privileged.” Latest filing lead.. “Parliamentary defendants have expressed in their motion to dismiss that they did not seek the content of plaintiffs’ communications through a subpoena issued to Defendant Verizon.”

Former Trump lawyer’s phone Seized by a federal agent June 22nd Another suit He filed for the return of his property on Monday. Interesting to investigators is the call log from Eastman’s personal device. Search warrant Indicates that the investigator will not confirm additional content from his phone without a court order.

Eastman, who wrote a note urging then-Vice President Mike Pence to postpone or block proof of 2020 election results, had previously followed a subpoena from Congress to testify about his involvement in the riots. I refused. Claim his fifth amendment Against self-incrimination.

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