Former Trump White House press secretary details harassment


Stephanie Grishamserved as White House press secretary donald trumpshe was the president of the time sexual harassment directly.

she told CNN She had to try to protect one staff member in particular who Trump requested to accompany him on the trip.

“He once had one of my other agents bring her back so he could see her butt,” he said. I asked her if she was uncomfortable. I did everything I could to keep her from being alone with him.”

She has spoken to several different chiefs of staff, including Mark Meadows, about Trump’s actions.

“At the end of the day, what do you think they can do other than go there and say, ‘This is not good,'” she said. “Donald Trump will do what Donald Trump wants to do.”

Grisham’s comments A civil jury found the former president responsible Sexual abuse and defamation in the case of author E. Gene Carroll.

Grisham said Trump often comments on things like people’s appearance and plastic surgery.

“But in the case of this one staff member, it was very offensive,” she said, adding that all senior White House staff at the time were aware of the situation.

“I was really worried about what would happen, so I really kept her off the trip and did everything I could to stay with her if she was with him,” she added. rice field.

She did not name staff members, but she has previously spoken in detail about the incident in her book.

critic accused her of doing nothing When these and other astonishing incidents occurred, however later cash in on writing a book about it.

The CNN political commentator said, “Frankly, I don’t see redeeming qualities in this woman or Trump accomplice for someone who wants to get their name out and make money.” Ana Navarro said at the time.