Former Trump White House security officials say it would be a “riot, coup” if Trump walked to the Capitol on January 6th.

January 6 Committee Hearing

The audio of the testimony of a former Trump security official will be played at a committee hearing on January 6th at House.Alex Brandon-Pool / Getty Images

  • Former Trump White House security officials said they were concerned about Trump on January 6.

  • Nameless officials testified that when Trump went to the Capitol, he would go into a “riot.”

  • The testimony was given at a committee hearing on Thursday night, January 6th.

Former Trump White House security officials said there were concerns that a “coup” could take place if President Donald Trump marched to the Capitol on January 6.

“To be completely honest, we were all in shock,” an unnamed security aide testified in front of the House January 6 committee. “The actual physical feasibility of doing it, and also what it means and what it means, if this is no longer a rally and he physically walks to the Capitol. , I think we knew this would move to something else. “”

Importantly, security officials’ testimony seems to confirm what former Trump aide Cassidy Hutchinson had previously told the panel. Hutchinson said Trump knew that armed supporters were trying to attend his January 6 rally and didn’t mind.

Video: Testimony from the first committee hearing on January 6

Security officials said it was clear to those around Trump that serious problems could arise if the president marched to the Capitol as he said in his speech on January 6. Witnesses plan a day for him to march to the Capitol before the January 6 committee, as Trump and his allies formally proved his election defeat by lawmakers. I testified that I was there.

“I don’t know if I want to use words like riots, coups, etc., but everyone knew that this would move from a normal democratic public event to something else,” security officials said.

Panel members on January 6 said security officials were unnamed because of the credible fear that they could affect the person based on their testimony.

Trump had previously disputed Hutchinson’s claim that he had asked his security authorities to stop using metal detectors, even if security measures identified the weapon. Hutchinson testified under an oath. The former president has just made his claim on social media.

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