Former Trump’s aide said the White House rally with Judge Clarence Thomas’ wife, Ginny Thomas, was “the crazyest meeting I’ve ever had.”

Genie Thomas

Ginny Thomas, wife of Judge Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court, arrives to see Judge Amy Coney Barrett take a constitutional oath on October 26, 2020 at the South Loan of the White House. To do.Associated Press Photo / Patrick Semanski

  • Former Trump’s aide called the meeting between the former president and Ginny Thomas the most “crazy” meeting he had ever attended.

  • Thomas, the wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, has been a longtime conservative activist.

  • According to a NYT Magazine report, Ginny Thomas saw her opening as Trump tried to sue for justice.

Former President Donald Trump’s aide is the “crazyest” he has ever attended at the 2019 White House rally with then-President and Supreme Court Clarence Thomas’ wife, Ginny Thomas. I explained that it was a meeting. According to The New York Times Magazine..

Attorney and conservative activist Ginni Thomas has been in the political gap with right-wing leaders for decades. According to the magazine, her influence is so much appreciated by conservative activists, and Judge Thomas, that she even goes to the White House, which should be a private lunch between Trump and her husband. came.

Leonardo Leo, a former vice president of the Conservative Federalist Association, told the magazine that Trump sought to foster a relationship with Judge Thomas after recognizing the immense popularity of legal scholars at Republican bases. rice field. -President.

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The magazine is also new between Ginny Thomas and the organizers of the January 6, 2021 rally in support of Trump, along with efforts to overturn the outcome of the 2020 presidential election in which Joe Biden expelled the former president. Detailed the relationship reported in Definitive 306-232 Electoral college victory.

Subsequent meetings with Ginny Thomas created a sense of confusion among the staff, according to nine former Trump aides and advisers who spoke anonymously to the magazine.

According to the magazine, some of the staff weren’t confident in the role of Genie Thomas and wondered if she was speaking as an activist or a paid consultant.

“Peeping thinks,” she said at a Republican base meeting, according to an aide. “We need to listen to the peep.”

Ginny Thomas’s hard-drive style kept some of his aides so far away that they put together a counter-report about her, and one of the staff described her as an “iron ball.”

In January 2019, Ginni Thomas met Trump with a selected member of her conservative group, Groundswell, at the White House. There, Trump’s aide explained the nature of the conversation in unpleasant words.

“It was the crazyest meeting I’ve ever had,” he told the magazine. “She started by guiding her prayer.”

Later, the aide said the conservative attendees despised the “transsexual agenda” and the parents “cutting their children’s breasts.”

According to his aide, Trump “tried to curb it,” but “it was hard to hear” because the members of the group were praying loudly during the conversation.

Later, some important details of the White House conference were leaked, and Genie Thomas’s defense of transgender rights became a hot topic.

In the past, she used inflammatory language to transgender Americans, stating that the country was under threat from “leftist fascists,” including “sex change fascists.”

At the meeting, Ginny Thomas and other attendees also claimed that the Trump administration’s affairs department would be swept away by “never Trump” Republicans, while some conservative candidates to suit their tastes. Lamented that he was in trouble because he took on several roles.

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