Former U.S. Marine Corps kills combat as a military contractor in Ukraine

According to his family, American citizen and former US Marine Willy Joseph Cancel died in Ukraine this week while fighting Russian troops.

Cancellation worked for a private military contractor when his 22-year-old mother, Rebecca Cabrera, was murdered on April 25. Told to CNN..

A Marine veteran worked full-time as a prison officer in Tennessee and signed up to work for a private military company before the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. After the war began in February, the company sought contractors to support the war effort.

Cancellation agreed to join Poland on March 12 and fly and enter Ukrainian territory around March 12.

“He wanted to go because he believed in what Ukraine was fighting for, and he wanted to be part of Ukraine so that Ukraine wouldn’t come here. Perhaps. Our American soldiers wouldn’t have to be involved, in it, “Cabrera said.

The circumstances of the cancellation’s death are still unknown, and his body has not yet recovered. His mother said he notified her family when authorities learned about the death of her son.

“They haven’t found his body,” Cabrera told the network. “They are trying the guys who were with him, either grabbed his body or killed, but we want him to come back to us. . “

U.S. State Department officials reportedly refused to comment on the death of cancellation for “privacy considerations,” but they “are aware of these reports and are closely monitoring the situation. “.

“We repeat once again that U.S. citizens should not travel to Ukraine due to active armed conflict and the isolation of Ukrainian U.S. citizens by Russian government security authorities. Ukrainian U.S. citizens are safe. If you have one, you need to leave immediately. Use commercial or other privately available ground transportation options, “said officials.

Cancellation is survived by his wife, Brittany Cancellation and his 7-month-old son.

His death was more than a month after American citizen Jimmy Hill was killed in Chernihiv. Hill traveled to Ukraine in December 2021, so his partner, Irina, a Ukrainian citizen, was able to receive treatment for multiple sclerosis. KIFI-TV..

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