Former Vice President Marc Short, former Chief of Staff of Pence, said on January 6 that he “does not want to show the world his’picture’fleeing the Capitol.”

Marc short

Former Vice President Mike Pence’s former Chief of Staff, Marc Short, starred in NBC News’ Meet the Press in February 2022.NBC News / “Meet the Press”

  • Mr. Pence rejected the call to leave the Capitol in the January 6, 2021 riots.

  • Marc Short said the Secret Service called for Pence to be dismissed several times, but the former Vice President didn’t want to be seen “run away.”

  • “It’s not the visual I want the world to see,” Pence said, according to Short.

Former Vice President Mike Pence’s former Chief of Staff, Marc Short, did not want to project the image of Pence “escape”, so during the January 6, 2021 riots, his security team left the Capitol from his security team. He said he resisted the call to leave. building.

Short said at NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday that Pence refused to leave the office after evacuating from the Senate floor because he was counting the votes of the Electoral College. .. The situation at the Capitol became even more dire.

“At that point, the Secret Service tried to turn him around twice, but the Vice President resolutely said, remembering visiting Pence’s office shortly after the evacuation.

When Secret Service officials begged him again, Pence finally agreed to move out of the suite and told the Vice President that he couldn’t be protected at his current location because of the glass door. Short told host Chuck Todd.

“They evacuated us to a safe place at the bottom of the Capitol,” he said. “At some point, there was an attempt to put the Vice President back in the convoy, but he clearly stated,” It’s not the sight we want the world to see as we escape from the Capitol. ” “

Riots attacked the building while lawmakers were meeting to prove the outcome of the 2020 elections I chanted “Hang Mike Pence” Short said on Sunday that he had not personally heard the now infamous lines during the riots, but Pence added that he was not sure if he had heard them.

An enthusiastic supporter of former President Donald Trump and a riot alleging his election theft attacked the Capitol after hearing a noisy speech from Trump.At the event, the then president continues Uncovered The theory that he (now not President Joe Biden) was a legitimate winner of the election.

Biden I won easily Electoral college 306-232 won the popularity vote by 51% to 47%, Garnish More than 7 million votes more than Trump (81-74 million).

To date, more than 760 people have been charged with riot-related behavior. According to the insider database..

Until this month, Pence, Like the other major RepublicansSeemed to downplay the January 6th event.

“I allow Democrats and the national media to take advantage of one tragic day in January to insult the intentions of the 74 million people who stood with us for our cause. “Sen” and Pence Said The end of last year.

He continued: “And I wouldn’t allow Democrats to use one tragic day in January to distract their attention from their failed proceedings and the failed policies of the Biden administration. I will focus on the future. “

But pence made Heading Last Friday, due to a rare break with Trump, the former president said it was “wrong” to say that the Vice President was able to overturn the outcome of the 2020 elections.

“Presidential office belongs to Americans, only Americans,” Pence said between him. remarks It was delivered to the Federalist Association, an organization that advocates a strict interpretation of the Constitution. “And frankly, there is no more non-American idea than the idea that anyone can choose an American president.”

Neither Pence nor Trump have officially declared that they will pursue the White House bid in 2024, but the former president has teased Run since last year and the former vice president has been speaking at conservative events nationwide since his resignation. increase.

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