Former West Virginia authorities plead not guilty to parliamentary riots

Parkersburg, West Virginia (AP) —This week, a former Parkersburg city council pleaded not guilty to a violation of the US Capitol, Parkersburg News, and Sentinel on January 6. report..

Eric Barber, 42, appeared Wednesday in front of Judge Christopher R. Cooper of the US District Court in Washington, DC for a video proceeding.

Barber lawyer Ubon Akpan, an assistant public defender, pleaded not guilty on his behalf. Fee Entering and exiting restricted buildings or premises. Chaotic and destructive activity within a restricted building or premises. Chaotic behavior within the Capitol building or grounds. Parade, demonstration, or picketing in the Capitol building. And theft.

In an interview with the newspaper on the day of the riot, the barber claimed that he was close enough to the building to see the window, but did not enter it.

However, criminal accusations allege that photos and security videos show a barber in the Capitol wearing a “green combat-style helmet and a green military-style field jacket.” A video reviewed by law enforcement agencies recorded the barber saying, “They are giving us a building,” and said he took a selfie at the Parliament’s Rotunda. He also claims to have stolen a portable power plant from the C-SPAN media station in the statue hall of the Capitol.

The barber was elected to the Parkersburg City Council as a Democrat in 2016. He lost his re-election bid in November last year after changing his registration independently a year later and then changing to Republican again. His previous criminal history included convictions for intrusion and intrusion, theft, controlled drugs, drunk driving, and escape from arrest. Later, as a councilor, his driver’s license was revoked on suspicion of marijuana, and in another case he pleaded guilty to chaotic behavior.

Barbers remain free with a bond of personal awareness.

More than 300 people have been charged with riot-related federal crimes, boosted by former President Donald Trump’s false allegations that the 2020 presidential election was stolen. Protesters who attacked the Capitol blocked Joe Biden’s proof of victory for the Electoral College, but lawmakers completed their constitutional obligations early the next morning.

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