Former White House Chief of Staff says Mr. Trump needs to be most worried about the potential evidence of the January 6 panel’s obstruction of justice.

Vice President Donald Trump as seen in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, May 6, 2022.

Former President Donald Trump may face charges of obstruction of justice, former White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney wrote.Reuters / Hannah Bayer

  • In his editorial, Mick Mulvaney wrote that Trump could face accusations of obstruction of justice.

  • According to Malverny, such claims are Trump’s most worrisome threat.

  • He also described Cassidy Hutchinson’s January 6 testimony as “very credible.”

Former White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney On Wednesday he said he believed that the real threat to Trump was the potential evidence the January 6 panel had that could lead to accusations of justice disruption.

and USA Today’s editorialMulvaney Bomb testimony In front of the panel, it was given by Cassidy Hutchinson, a former aide to Mark Meadows, the successor to Malverny.

Malverny wrote that he had previously defended the former president against allegations that he had “anything illegal or criminal” in connection with the parliamentary riots. However, Mr. Malbany said it was difficult to maintain his position, especially after Mr. Hutchinson’s testimony, and said he was “very credible.”

“I’m guessing things could be very dark for the former president after some bombs were dropped at the hearing,” Malverny wrote.

Malverny said there was one real threat to Trump that was revealed at the hearing on Tuesday, which did not depend on Hutchinson’s words or credibility. “It’s something that jumped out to me, and it’s the most worrying thing about the former president,” Mulvaney wrote.

He referred to the evidence presented by Congressman Liz Cheney of Wyoming. Two messages that witnesses on the January 6 panel received before taking the testimony.. The message included a hint that he was a “team player” to “remain in good grace in the world of Trump” and a reminder that Trump was reading the interview record.

Mulvaney added that the meaning behind displaying a message during a hearing is “very clear.”

“Members of the January 6 committee believe that there is evidence that the people of Operation Trump tried to intimidate witnesses, and no matter how sliced ​​it, it was a hindrance to justice. There is, “Mal Bunny wrote.

“Even if Donald Trump was as innocent as the virgin snow on January 6, he didn’t know about the gun, he didn’t assault the agent, and what the Proud Boys were doing at all. If he interferes with the judiciary in connection with the January 6 hearing, even if he doesn’t know, he could become the next politician to learn the harsh lesson that it’s usually not a crime. It’s concealment. “Mulvaney has been added.

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