Former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki Hired by MSNBC

New York (AP) — Former White House spokesman Jen Psaki will officially land on MSNBC to appear on the network’s cable and streaming program and host a new original show.

The program, scheduled to debut in the first quarter of 2023, “combines her unique perspective from behind the podium with her deep experience in top-level government and presidential politics,” the network said in a statement on Tuesday. Said.

Psaki will also appear in the mid-term and 2024 presidential elections on NBC and MSNBC’s prime-time special election program.

Saki recently served as a spokesperson for the White House during the first 16 months of the Biden administration. She was previously the White House Communications Director and State Department spokeswoman under former President Barack Obama.

“Her extensive experience with government and campaign trajectories and prospects as insiders in White House and Washington is the type of analysis that makes MSNBC stand out,” MSNBC President Rashida Jones said in a statement. Viewers, and we look forward to her insights during this resulting election season. “

At MSNBC, on-air personalities are primarily sympathetic to Biden and Democrats. During her tenure at Saki’s White House, her Democrats regarded her as a defender of their cause, and conservatives found her combative and respectable.

I also have MSNBC Hired Simone Sanders, Former Chief Spokesperson of Vice President Kamala Harris. NBC News struggled to distinguish between journalists and MSNBC, which has enhanced programming of opinions.