Former White House press secretary says Trump’s change of message for Mar-a-Lago raid shows he’s nervous: ‘It’s very telling’

Stephanie Grisham; Donald Trump.

Stephanie Grisham; Donald Trump.AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File. AP Photo/Andrew Harnick

  • Earlier this month, the FBI seized classified documents from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property.

  • Trump changed his message and defense to raids several times.

  • Stephanie Grisham said CNN The switching of messages shows that Trump is on his nerves.

Former President Trump’s White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said of the change in former President Donald Trump’s message: Raid on Mar-a-Lago It shows that he is probably nervous.

“I think he should be worried. I don’t know why he isn’t. I mean, the guy is six, seven, eight ways, under different investigations. And now people went to his house and removed the actual evidence.I think about the fact that he keeps changing the message to me who has worked under him for so long. CNN’s Jim Acosta.

Grisham said Trump usually sticks to one message and doubles it “even if it’s the completely wrong message this time.”

Trump changed his message several times, including claiming that the FBI planted the evidence and asking for the release of affidavits.

FBI seized 11 sets of confidential documents From Mar-a-Lago, marked as “Top Secret” and containing potentially related nuclear weapons.

On Friday, the Justice Department released a serious statement Redacted version of the affidavit Search real estate.

Grisham said Trump later disputed the edits.

“They just want to see what the edits are because they want to see who is talking to them. I can,” Grisham said.

She added that she thinks Trump is nervous.

“This is not like he changes his message often. He is much better at PR than that. I know that sounds silly, but usually If he just triples something, no matter how ridiculous or false it is, he stop,” Grisham said.

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