Former Wichita private school teacher convicted of having sex with teen

A former teacher who had an illegal sexual relationship with a student at a private Christian school in Wichita will serve 34 months in prison, according to the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office.

Matthew McFarren, 43, of Wichita was found guilty Wednesday by Sedgwick County District Court Judge Eric Williams. Judge Eric Williams also ordered the victim and his family to pay his $10,000 compensation. After McFarlane is released from prison, he will be supervised for another two years, Dillon said.

McFarlane is High School Level Religious Teacher and Assistant Soccer Coach At Trinity Academy, he had sex with a 16-year-old girl who took one of his classes at the K-12 school. , gave her gifts such as infinity rings, showered with her and talked about getting married.

According to an affidavit released by the court, he told her he was continuing his work at the school so he could be with her.

In Kansas, it is illegal for a K-12 teacher to have sex with a student enrolled in the school, regardless of the student’s age.

In addition to teaching, MacFarlane was a young pastor at several churches. pleaded guilty in June On one count for an illegal sexual relationship with a student. He was arrested in March 2021.

McFarlane’s attorneys have asked for him to be placed on probation, stating in a written statement that community treatment programs have been more effective in treating McFarlane and that experts believe it is unlikely that he will reoffend. The judge denied the request.