Fortin’s lawyer quotes Hajdu’s interview comment in a court battle over his shooting

Ottawa-Major General Dany Fortin’s lawyer in a television interview in May in a fight to prove the client’s dismissal, alleging that the head of the Canadian vaccine distribution campaign constituted inappropriate political interference. I am quoting the remarks of Health Minister Haidu.

An interview on CTV’s Question Period political show aired on May 30, two weeks after Fortin was suddenly dismissed from his well-known temporary position at the Public Health Agency of Canada for a military police investigation. rice field.

According to records filed in federal court, Hajdu first learned of the investigation involving Fortin in March and agreed with PHAC President Iain Stewart’s decision to release him from his duties at the Health Organization in May. Told.

Fortin’s lawyer has the authority to remove the client from his position only, given that he was still a serving member of the Canadian Army while working at the PHAC, only Deputy Defense Chief General Wayne Eyre. I have insisted that I am.

They allege that the decision to dismiss Fortin included political interference by the Liberal government in the military chain of command and urged the court to return him to his old role or equivalent.

Fortin was formally charged in Gatineau on August 18 with one count of sexual assaults dating back to 1988. He denied any cheating.

Canadian press