Fortin’s lawyer submits crown document for sexual assault of military officer


Major General’s lawyer. Danny Fortin revealed in court Monday that a senior officer’s legal team had given the crown a document they believed was related to a client’s sexual assault case.

Attorney Philip Mornaud did not reveal the nature of these documents because he appeared in a court in Gatineau, Kenya, on behalf of the former head of the Canadian COVID-19 vaccine distribution campaign, which was indicted last month.

“We believe that the document we provided today and other documents in the future are appropriate to avoid endangering the case without going into too much detail,” Morneau told the court in French. ..

Prosecutor Diane Legart said he needed to look at documents he hadn’t received yet. The case will return to court on November 5.

Fortin, who had not attended the proceedings on Monday, was suddenly dismissed in May from the position of leading the federal government’s vaccine deployment efforts and charged with sexual assault by Gatinault police on August 18. Was done.

According to court documents, the alleged assault occurred in early 1988.

Fortin has denied cheating, and his criminal defense was led by Isabel Schurman, a Montreal lawyer who represented Gilbert Rozon, the founder of Just for Laughs, who was acquitted of rape and vulgar assault last December. I am.

Senior officers also urged federal court judges to overturn the Government of Tordo’s decision to dismiss him from his position at the Public Health Agency of Canada, which had led the Canadian vaccine distribution campaign since November.

Fortin’s lawyer alleges that the decision to remove him from the vaccine post was unreasonable, lacked procedural fairness, and included Liberal government intervention in the military command system.

The latter claim is based on what they say is evidence that Justin Trudeau, Health Minister Patty Haidu, and Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan were involved in the decision to varying degrees.

Only Deputy Secretary of Defense Wayne Eyre had the authority to remove clients from the vaccine campaign because they were still serving members of the Canadian Army while working at PHAC under Defense Law. I have insisted that there is.

Government lawyers argue that the proceedings are controversial because the PHAC post no longer exists.

In their latest submission on Friday, government lawyers also failed Fortin to run out of remedies available to him through military grievance, canceling his temporary post anyway. The decision was “reasonable and fair,” he said.

Filing added that Eyre considered all relevant factors, including risks to workplace safety, Fortin’s strong desire to continue his role, and the historical nature of his allegations.

The federal court will hear discussions from both sides starting September 28.

Using files from Lee Berthiaume in Ottawa and Sidhartha Banerjee in Montreal.

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