Fortin’s sexual assault case scheduled for two days in September

Maj. Gen. Dany Fortin, Que, on August 18, 2021. After being processed in Gatineau, leave the Gatineau Police Station. (Canadian Press / Justin Tang)

Ottawa — Maj. Gen. Dany Fortin’s sexual assault case will be brought to justice in September.

Five months after the indictment of a senior officer responsible for overseeing Canada’s COVID-19 vaccination drive, two days were reserved for trial during a short virtual court trial this morning.

The September 19-20 trial will take place in Gatineau without a jury after Fortin chooses to have a Quebec judge earlier this week without a jury.

Fortin was charged in August with one count of sexual assaults dating back to 1988. He was charged five months after he was suddenly removed from his position in a vaccine campaign for police investigation.

Senior officials pleaded not guilty and fought the government in federal court seeking a return to a role similar to his previous position at the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Fortin accuses Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and senior members of other governments for purely political reasons after the Liberal Party has been accused of not doing enough to deal with sexual misconduct in the military. did.

A federal court judge revoked the request for reinstatement in October, but Fortin has appealed.

His lawyer, Natalia Rodriguez, says his reinstatement appeal is expected to go to a panel hearing in the spring.

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