Founder of National Action imprisoned for banned British group membership

The founder of National Action (NA), a banned fascist organization in the United Kingdom, has been sentenced to eight years and six months in prison.

Last month, Alex Davis was convicted of being a member of the organization after being banned by then-Home Secretary Amber Rudd in December 2016.

His trial at the Winchester Criminal Court reportedly banned NA after posting congratulations to the man who killed Labor Party Jo Cox, and to circumvent the ban, Davis was another group, NS131. Was established. Anti-capitalist behavior.

27-year-old Davis was imprisoned by Judge Mark Denis QC in Old Bailey, London on Tuesday. He states: Organizations that ignore the ban. “

“You are a smart and educated young man, but you have had a distorted and shocking prejudice over the years,” Dennis told Davis.

Prosecutor Burnaby Jameson, QC, talked about the trial in which NA demanded a “total racial war” and spread fear to many towns around Britain.

Epoch Times Photo
Alex Davis with a megaphone at the National Action demonstration held in York, England at the end of May 2016. (West Midland Police, Pennsylvania)

Davis, from Swansea in southern Wales, told the court that he was a member of the British National Party (BNP), the UK Independence Party, UKIP, and the Hunt Saboter Association.

He said he became “politically homeless” after the BNP was “implied” in 2014.

Last December, group co-founder Ben Raymond, 33, from Swindon, was imprisoned for eight years after being convicted of being a member of a banned terrorist group.

Counterterrorism police said Davis and Raymond worked together to spread the “extremely dangerous” “ideology of hatred.”

The anti-Islamophobia group Tell MAMAUK welcomed Davis’ decision on Twitter, stating that “National Action is a threat to all minorities in the UK and abroad.”

Davis is the 19th member of an organization convicted of membership.

Other convicted people were Ben Hannam, a former Metropolitan Police Department probation officer, and Mikko Vevirainen, a former British Army soldier who served in Afghanistan.

In March of this year, Deputy Secretary of State Matt Jukes, head of the Metropolitan Police Department’s counter-terrorism unit, said 41% of 2021 counter-terrorism arrests were related to the far right, and three of the four confused counter-terrorism plans were to the far right. Also said he was involved. ..

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