Four deaths in Richmond, British Columbia, believed to be murderous suicide, police say

Richmond, British Columbia — Murder Investigators say they believe that the targeted shooting that killed four people at their home in Richmond, British Columbia was murder suicide.

The victims are all in the same family, including a 71-year-old father, a 58-year-old mother, a 23-year-old son, and a 21-year-old daughter.

Sgt. David Lee of the Integrated Murder Investigation Team states that the shooting did not appear to be a case of violence by a partner, and his son had a firearm license and access to weapons.

Investigators are looking at journal and social media posts to see if they can identify possible motives for death, Lee said.

A shooting was discovered on Tuesday after a neighbor called police and reported that the lights in the house had been on for an unusual amount of time.

Police said they believed the shooting happened on Monday night.

Investigators are still interviewing witnesses, Lee said, asking someone who was in the area on January 24 or has information to contact the murder team.

“We’re looking through the evidence. It’s hard to tell how much we have.”

He says it can take weeks, if not months, to determine who was the shooter through the ballistics of firearms.

“At this stage, preliminary findings suggest that one of the family members was a shooter,” police said in a news release. “(Murder) investigators pursued evidence, starting with an investigation warrant without guessing motives or responsibilities.”

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