Four obstacles are moving across the Atlantic. 70% chance of getting one

there is Four disturbances in the Caribbean and Atlantic from Sunday morning. Here’s the 8am update for each National Hurricane Center:

Disturbance No. 1

A region of low pressure over the central tropical Atlantic, located at about 15 degrees north latitude (parallel to Honduras) and 45 degrees west longitude, is “disorganized” according to the NHC.

However, the NHC also said “a tropical storm is likely to form later this week, moving west-northwest toward the waters east of the Leeward Islands, moving at about 10 mph.” said.

The formation chance for the next 5 days is 70%.

Disturbance No. 2

This “small cyclone system about 600 miles east of Bermuda” is expected to “meander across the Central Atlantic” and disappear in the next few days.

The formation chance for the next 5 days is 10%.

Disturbance No. 3

The system could slowly develop later in the week “moving west-northwest through the Caribbean Northwest and towards Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula.”

The formation chance for the next five days is estimated at 20%.

Disturbance No. 4

This tropical wave could come from the west coast of Africa on Monday. We have a 20% formation probability for 5 days, but it’s still early for this system.

A tropical wave is expected to move in from the west coast of Africa on Monday or Monday night. From then on, the system may evolve gradually, moving generally westward across the tropical Atlantic Ocean in the Far East.