Four Pakistani soldiers and two militants killed in an assault

Pakistan, Peshawar-Pakistan security forces attacked two militant hideouts at the former Taliban fortress near Afghanistan, causing a shooting that killed four soldiers and two armed groups, the military said Friday.

According to the statement, the first attack took place in the tank district of the northwest, killing two militants.

Another strike took place in the North Waziristan area, capturing militants before the deaths of four soldiers in the battle. The army said the army seized the weapons cache during both raids.

The army provided no further details about the murdered soldiers and the detained militants.

North Waziristan has served as a terrorist hub for decades. After a military-run school was attacked in Peshawar in December 2014, the military launched a full-scale attack in the area.

The attack, claimed by the Taliban in Pakistan, killed 147 people, most of them school children.

The latest violence in the northwest occurs the day after a roadside bomb explodes outside a university in a city in the southwestern part of Quetta, killing six people and injuring at least thirteen.

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