Four people hospitalized when “Raging River” vehicle capsized at Adventureland Park, Iowa

four People at Iowa Amusement Park were injured, Some seriously, after the ride, they were out of order on Saturday.

Around 7:30 pm, the “Raging River” boat “capsized”, according to Adventureland Park officials. Six riders were on board, four were hospitalized, and three were in critical condition.

According to the Raging River, it is classified as a “family” vehicle Altoona Amusement Park websiteIncludes a photo of the attraction, depicting six occupants sitting facing each other on a circular rubber boat.

“You’ll get wet, you’ll probably immerse yourself in the rapids of this river,” the website says. “It’s a great way to cool off with the whole family!”

The· Ride was first introduced in 1983, And recently opened for the season, the Associated Press reported.

The outlet reported that the ride killed an employee in 2016. They fell on a conveyor belt while helping people from a boat and died of their injuries four days later.

According to park officials, the Raging River was inspected the day before the accident and “found to be functioning properly.”

Still, the vehicle is closed and will undergo a “thorough inspection,” the park said.

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