Four people, including 15 years old, were arrested in a brutal attack on Chinese PhD students near UW-Madison


Last week, four male suspects were arrested in connection with the assault of a Chinese PhD student near the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

A 26-year-old victim suffering from ear bleeding and multiple “spots” on the head explained his details. Miserable experience In a Weibo post that was later translated into English.

Victims said they were walking home along University Avenue on the night of June 14, when a group of men surrounded him, hitting his face, pushing him to the ground, and repeatedly hitting and kicking him.

“It’s my turn tonight. I’m glad it was my turn, not someone else’s. At least I was able to take a few punches,” the victim wrote.

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Suspects aged 20, 18, 17, and 15 were arrested on Saturday. According to Madison police, it is believed to have been behind two other similar attacks in the last two weeks, with the exception of the June 14 assault.

A student was assaulted the same night before his PhD in China, Another Asian student Bananas were reportedly attacked by the same group. Surveillance images released by police show two suspects holding bananas.

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UW-Madison students held a Stop Asian Hate rally in response to the latest attacks.

“These assaults have been bubbling and have earned a brave PhD ever since. Samantha McCabe, Director of International Student Services, said: ABC7 Chicago..

However, recent attacks are not treated as hate crimes.and statementStephanie Flyer, a spokesman for Madison police, said there is currently no information to convince them that the case was a racist motivation.

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The attack is under investigation. If you have information related to the attack, we recommend calling Madison Police (608-266-6014) or submitting tips at

Featured images by Madison Police Station (left) and Weibo (right)

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