Four people, including a baby, died in Manitoba near the US border

Emerson, the border road of people. It will be displayed in the file photo of March 4, 2017. (Canadian Press / John Woods)

Winnipeg-Manitoba’s mountainous region states that it has found the bodies of four people, including infants and teens, near the border with the United States.

They say four people died from exposure during a snowstorm and sub-zero temperatures.

According to the RCMP, US authorities were the first to notify the group that traveled to the United States from the suburbs of Emerson, Massachusetts. They had items for toddlers, but babies didn’t.

Mounties went searching yesterday and found the bodies of men, women and toddlers.

They also found the body of a teenager nearby.

The RCMP tells people not to cross the border in either direction as it can be fatal.

Canadian press