Four people injured in a mass stab attack in New Zealand


A New Zealand man injured four in a random “fast-paced” mass stab attack with a large kitchen knife before police arrived and arrested him.

Criminals who are as injured as the victims have been identified as having “moderate” injuries.

The man began to stab people in Auckland’s Moray Firth around 11:00 am local time and then walked to Mylangi Bay.

Waitematā district commander Naila Hassan told reporters that it could have ended “worse” if the public did not intervene to stop the attack.

“Many civilians are following him, and eventually one of them intervened,” she said. “It could have been worse, and that’s why I really need to acknowledge the courage of those masses who intervened to draw this to a conclusion.”

Hassan admitted that the case was “very traumatic” to the victims and wanted to assure the public that it was an “isolated case.”

She also emphasized that the attacks are “random” and not “hate crimes”.

“Victims were of different genders, ethnicities and ages,” Hassan said.

The criminal is currently under police surveillance at Auckland City Hospital and will be further evaluated.

“He just started running towards me.”

Local woman Told the New Zealand Herald After a man with a “big knife” chased her from Mary’s Bay Beach, she screamed for help and ran away.

“I was wearing headphones and went off to talk to him. [when he approached] That’s because I thought he wanted it, “she said.

But the woman’s instinct told her something was wrong and she said she put her on the edge before he “just started running towards me.”

The woman immediately called the police when she managed to get the man off her orbit. Police arrived 10 minutes later, but she did not witness her arrest.

Another witness said the man chased the girl who shouted.

“We thought she was ridiculous, she was screaming.” She told staff news.. “He stabbed two people completely randomly … it all happened very quickly.”

“Then he tried to stab another teenage girl, but she ran away.”

As a result of the incident, police will increase their local presence.

This attack is the latest in a series of criminal cases in New Zealand, and New Zealand is experiencing a wave of so-called serious crimes.

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