Four policemen, up to eight suspects killed in western Mexico


Members of the Mexican Army guarded the scene where four police officers and eight suspected organized crime were killed and six were injured in a confrontation in El Salto, Jalisco, Mexico, on June 23, 2022. There is. Ulises Ruiz / AFP via Getty Images)

Mexico City — Four policemen in western Mexico died after being drawn into an ambush-style shooting late Wednesday.

Attorney General Luis Joaquin Mendes of western Jalisco said four police officers in the city of Elsart had answered calls about armed men in their homes. When they arrived, the woman answered the door and told them that nothing was wrong.

However, internal gunners took advantage of the opportunity to fire at the police, some of whom were dragged into the house and killed.

Ricardo Santilan, El Salto’s police chief, called the shooting a “cowardly act.”

Governor Enrique Alfaro wrote that police reinforcements later appeared and engaged in a shootout with the suspect, killing eight and injuring three.

Associated Press