Four strangers drove more than 16 hours from Florida to Ohio after their flight was cancelled, documenting their adventure on TikTok

Nor'easter hits Redding, Pennsylvania with heavy snow

A car drives through a snowfall in the northeastern United States.MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle/Getty Images

  • A group of strangers rented a car and drove from Tampa, Florida to Cleveland, Ohio.

  • They rented a car on Thursday after their flight was canceled due to a severe winter storm.

  • One traveler named Bridget Schuster documented his journey on TikTok, garnering over 11 million views.

After four strangers join forces and drive more than 16 hours from Florida to Ohio, a severe winter storm derails their plans.

WTSP reports that winter storms have caused flight cancellations, WEWS interviewed one of the travelers, It ended up taking 18-19 hours instead of the estimated 16 hours.

A winter storm hit parts of the US this weekend — More than 4,500 flights canceled by Friday afternoon and so far Nearly 2,000 flights canceled on Christmas Eve.

One woman documented her trip on TikTok and it went viral

Friday, TikTok user bridget schuster uploaded the beginning Of nine videos documenting an unexpected trip with fellow travelers Greg Henry, Shawbi Maynard, and a woman named Abby.

According to Schuster’s first video, which had 8.2 million views as of Saturday, the group decided to rent a car after a flight from Tampa, Florida to Cleveland, Ohio, was canceled on Thursday.

“The earliest flight they were able to get us on was 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve, so here we are,” Schuster wrote.

Schuster then shared an update on TikTok while the four were traveling in a rental car. Includes a pit stop at Chipotle The middle of a journey. In her third video, Schuster told her followers that she had made it to Virginia, but the weather was getting worse.

“Estimated time of arrival at 6:28 a.m.” Schuster I have written“With 6.2 hours left, this storm doesn’t look too good for us.”

next video Posted at 3:31 a.m. Friday, the group was “almost” out of West Virginia at the time and was slowly approaching Ohio.

The group seems to have taken the brunt of the storm in the 6th edition. video when they officially crossed over to Ohio. One of his passengers was filmed making snow angels in the parking lot of a gas station, while other passengers shopped inside the store. reported that severe weather hit the area around Friday morning.

“Update: In Ohio! Stopped in for gas and coffee. ETA: 7:25 am,” Schuster wrote. “2 hours and 6 minutes left.”

Around 7:20 am updateSchuster told his followers, “The roads are not good,” and the estimated arrival time was extended by more than an hour.

in her final updateSchuster revealed the group arrived in Cleveland at 8:45 a.m. Friday.

“Thank you for continuing the journey. Reading everyone’s comments and seeing everyone cheering for us was the highlight of the trip,” she captioned the post.

Schuster did not immediately respond to an insider’s request for comment. As of Saturday, her videos have over her 11 million views.

The group was initially ‘unsure’ about traveling together but couldn’t come up with a better option

in an interview with WJWs, Henry said he was checking various airline counters after his flight was canceled and he met Maynard. The two men later ran into Schuster and Abby, who were also on their way to Cleveland.

“They were a little grumpy,” Henry told the outlet, referring to a travel companion. “We don’t know each other, so I don’t think they’ll come with me.

Despite having never met before, Maynard said the four bonded during the trip.

“It was fun. We got to know each other, hang out, and had a lot of deep conversations, so we had a good time,” he said.

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