Four troops injured in Israeli attack near capital Damascus

Beirut (AP) —Israel launched a missile attack near Damascus, the capital of Syria, and its southern suburbs, injuring four soldiers, Syrian mass media said.

SANA, a state news agency, said it was able to shoot down most missiles before the Syrian Air Defense Force reached its target, citing unidentified military personnel. SANA said some of the missiles were launched by Israeli military aircraft flying over neighboring Lebanon.

Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an opposition war observer, reported that an Israeli strike targeted a military base near Damascus. No further details were given.

Almanar TV, a Lebanese militant Hezbollah group, said one of the Syrian air defense missiles exploded near the border between Lebanon and Syria and was heard in parts of southern Lebanon. He later said the missile had crashed near the village of Hula on the Lebanese border.

Israel has launched hundreds of strikes against Iran-related military targets in Syria over the years, but rarely admits or discusses such operations.

Israel sees Iran’s trenches on the northern frontier as the red line and has repeatedly attacked Iran-linked facilities and weapons convoys directed at Hezbollah.