Four years later, Samsung officially stopped the update of Galaxy S8 and S8+

Galaxy S8


The Galaxy S7 series maintains the fine tradition of software update for a long time, and it has a good inheritance on S8 and S8+.LaunchingFour yearsSamsung recently officially moved the two phones announced in 2017 out of its ownSecurity update list. The Galaxy S8 Active and S8 Lite, which are also named S8, are still on the list, but these two machines will be released several months later than the flagship, so it is not a surprise that the support period has not expired.

At present, in the market, there are not many manufacturers that provide support such as Samsung, and even Google’s update period for Pixel has not been so long. In the four years that S8 and S8+ can get updates, the frequency of monthly updates has been maintained for the first three years, and quarterly security updates will be received in the last year. This is basically the same as the S7 series, and since last year, Samsung will also remind users that the support period for S8 and S8+ is about to end every time a security update is released.

Samsung’s flagship phones that can still get monthly updates can be traced back to the Galaxy S10 series, and the S9 and S9+ have entered the quarterly security update period of the last year.