Fox host Maria Bartiromo says China is secretly sending doctors and engineers across the US-Mexico border.



Fox News Host Maria Bartiromo Chinese secretly claimed to send “doctors and technicians” across the border with the United States Mexico..

The organizer commented in an interview with the Governor of Texas on Sunday. Greg Abbott..

“It looks like the cartel really wins here and makes a lot of money,” she said. “This week, someone told me that they’re making $ 400 million a month, which means they’re charging $ 4,000 per person, so they’re taking 2,000 people a day to the United States. The numbers are even higher, depending on where you came from. “

She then claimed that another individual had told her about the alleged invasion of China.

“One guard told me they had arrested the group from China“Mr. Bertilomo said. “And the Chinese group said they paid them $ 50,000 per person. By the way, these were Chinese scientists, doctors and technicians.”

Then, apparently accepting the story of the unnamed border guard, she must ask, “Why the CCP is sending these people across borders, and obviously they don’t want to be noticed. . “”

The story was unconfirmed, but Mr. Abbott was happy to guess what was behind it.

“It may be a spy,” he volunteered. “They forget about people in China, Iran, and terrorist nations. It could be a spy.”

It is not unprecedented for Chinese citizens to try to enter the United States through the southern border, but it is rare. According to the far-right news agency Breitbart, less than 1 percent of border arrests are believed to be Chinese.

China’s power and global influence are expanding and threatening the US hanging against world power, but as much disinformation as there was legitimate analysis about national behavior was.

In December, a conspiracy theory spread among members of the QAnon movement, The Chinese army had gathered about 50,000 troops Located on the northern border of Maine.

The military was annihilated by US airstrikes and “personal bombs” at the border, allegedly unfounded.

Theory also claimed that the F-16, which crashed in Michigan, was actually shot down by the Chinese, which probably prompted the US response.

Officials from both the town of Jackman, Maine (about 16 miles south of the state’s Canadian border) and the National Guard said there was no US military action in the area to support this claim.

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