Fox News actually hits the healthiest and unhealthy “blue” cities completely

Fox news The completely upset statistics it claimed proved that Democrats run the most unhealthy cities in the country.

Fox face plant Saturday night was discovered by Twitter sleuth @Acyn, And shouted out from CNN’s fact checker Daniel Dale.

“Unfiltered” host Dan Bongino — permanently banned by To rotate the COVID lie — — “A Tale of Two Cities” devastated the Democratic Party An episode to run what the dramatic map behind him was targeted as America’s most unhealthy “top 10” cities.

But oops-all cities clearly labeled on the map displayed by Bongino, including San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Honolulu, DC, Austin, and Denver. The healthiest In the country WalletHub analysis, The very source cited by the program.

The map of Bongino also mistakenly puts Texas “Irving” on the top 10 list. WalletHub’s analysis actually refers to the city “Irvine”. California, The healthiest..

The actual unhealthy cities specified in the WalletHub analysis cited in the Bongino program include cities in Louisiana, Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Tennessee.

Twitter viewers reported that the Bongino program changed when it was repeated late Saturday night. There was no blatantly inaccurate map listing the “unhealthy” cities.

Still, he made Democrats a scapegoat by running an unhealthy city in the face of excluded, completely contradictory analysis.

The second time, the story of Bonzino’s Dem-attack was featured in a video of apparently homeless people in unidentified locations.

Critics of Fox News on Twitter loved this failure, even though many thought it was a new low for the network.

Fox News told The Daily Beast, “I regret the error.” A fix will be issued — Next week About the Bongino program.

This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.

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