Fox News and Tucker Carlson use a “minutely” rating to show that viewers love the “white supremacist” issue, the report said.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson.Chip Somode Villa / Getty Images

  • The New York Times unveiled a three-part series on Saturday at Tucker Carlson.

  • The series said the segment on immigration and demographic changes was a hit with Carlson’s audience.

  • “Every second going on that network is now being scrutinized,” a former Fox employee told the Times.

Fox News and host Tucker Carlson carefully look at the minute assessments that show an appetite among the audience for issues accepted by white supremacists. The New York Times.

The Times has released a three-part series called “American Nationalists” about Carlson, the highest-rated prime-time expert on cable television.

Three former Fox employees said Times Carlson relies specifically on “minutely” assessment data. Such data is more expensive than the “15 minute” rating used in other cable newsrooms, but provides minute-by-minute feedback on what causes viewers to change channels or stick. To do.

Carlson’s story about immigration and US demographic changes warnings White supremacist “great alternative” theoryA hit, the outlet reported.

Another former Fox employee who worked with Carlson told The Times, “He will double white supremacism because it shows that the audience is eating it up every minute.” Said.

Fox is generally more and more focused on minute ratings, showing that segments featuring stories that were considered disadvantageous to Fox reporters and Trump were not of interest to viewers, the outlet reports. rice field.

“They are all crazy about every minute,” another former Fox employee told the Times. “Every second that takes place on that network is now being scrutinized.”

In a statement shared with insiders, Justin Wells, Senior Executive Producer of Carlson’s Show, said:

A Fox spokeswoman also said, “We can’t be proud of the entire team, whose commitment to journalism and opinion excellence has set FOX News Media to the highest rating record ever and provided viewers with best-in-class service. It was. “

Fox also pointed out to insiders that Carlson’s series author, Nicholas Confessole, was a contributor to Fox’s rival MSNBC. This is a fact that the Times also revealed.

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